Tropical Vibes Glow

Today's Vendor Spotlight is on Sandy with Tropical Vibes Glow. Since no one can tell you about the company better than Sandy herself, I'm letting her tell you about the company today!

Tropical Vibes Glow

At Tropical Vibes Glow, we offer a variety of handmade skin care products that is made from all natural ingredients, natural oils, herbs and spices, organic florals and infused with essential and fragrance oils. Our variety of products includes our whipped shea body butter; a decadent combination of natural butters, essential and fragrance oil, herbal infused salves and balms, whipped brown sugar body scrubs, beard oils, handmade soaps, face creams and serums, bath bombs, lip balms, leave-in hair conditioner just to name a few.

My Journey using natural products began as a child growing up in the Jamaica with my grandmother. I remember when we were ill or coming down with an ailment, there was always a “bush” for that; from the common cold, measle rash or worms. As I grew older I began incorporating some of those lessons learned more and more into my daily routine and soon people began to notice. I would receive compliments from “your teeth are so white” to “You have such beautiful skin” even though I did not believe it at the time. I started making my products at home at the suggestion of my “Auntie Tee Tee” and using them, and the compliments kept coming so I began sharing with friends and family. I later became a nurse and I would sometimes gift my handmade creations to my patients at the hospital on spa days. Word started to get around about my handmade creations and If a patient came in whose hair was matted, or the skin peeling, and even lice! Yes I said lice, I’d get a call asking if I knew a remedy for that and surely I’d make something and bring it in on my work shift. When the children were born I began making the products I used on them, from diaper balm, lotion to vapor rub. At the prompting of friends and family, Tropical Vibes Glow LLC was born in 2016. My favorite quote: "If a task is once begun, never leave it 'till it's done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all."...Unknown. I use this as a guiding principle in varying aspects of my life and most importantly; when I make my products as well. If my products are not going to be good/great and have the effects that I want, then I wont make them.  

I began doing more research using my prior education in biomedical research and nursing to delve deeper into the world of essential oils and herbal medicine and not just rely on the knowledge I attained from my grandmother. I challenged myself to create more natural/organic products that were safe, effective and delicate enough to be used on the frail skin of hospital patients and that had/offered more health benefits as well. With roots from the Caribbean and a lover of tropical scents I wanted my products to be different in that the illusion of you being whisk away to a tropical island, a realm that is peaceful, relaxing and stress free could be imagined/created.

Our products are made from all natural ingredients, natural oils, herbs and spices, organic florals and infused with essential and fragrance oils. I think when someone visits the islands/caribbean, there are certain smells, flavors that are associated with the island life and I try to incorporates some of those aromas/scents through the use of the essential and fragrance oils when I make my products.


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