The Crafty Wino

Today's Vendor Spotlight is on The Crafty Wino! Hand poured Soy Candles made in Spartanburg County!

The Crafty Wino started about as organically as any business can start. When Danielle got married in the fall of 2013, she used a lot of recycled glass in her wedding decor, specifically wine bottles. IN an effort to repurpose the bottles she made gifts for family and friends that Christmas. An avid candle fan she taught herself how to cut the glass down to make container candles & when she met Jane and Carmen the following year, she brought them into Vintage Warehouse.

"When I first started making these candles I decorated each container with burlap, twine & other embellishments. It reached point that I no longer had the time to do that and keep up with the number of candles I was selling."

Danielle says that The Crafty Wino almost ended in 2016, but the new recycling laws gave the business a new purpose. "The demand for candles was so high, I was thinking about rebranding and using a purchased container to speed up the restocking process. Then, Spartanburg and Greenville Counties stopped accepting glass for recycling. Suddenly it seemed important that we keep doing things just the way were."

Danielle has brought her husband and one of her sister's on to help her keep up with the demand for The Crafty Wino Candles. She also offers a $5 discount if you return your candle container once you've finished burning the candle.

Check her out on Facebook & Instagram. Today only (6/19/18) she is offering 15% off any candle in the store!