Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell things on consignment?

No. We have a Vendor Team of nearly 60 individuals who pay monthly rent for a space in our store and sell their items. If you are interested in joining our Vendor Team you can submit your information on our Vendor Page and someone will be in touch with more information. If you only have one or two items you wish to sell and you would like to sell those to a Vintage Warehouse Vendor you can join the Salvage Market Facebook Group. We also have Seasonal Markets and Visiting Vendors each month. If you are interested in those opportunities you can join the Visiting Vendor Group on Facebook or subscribe to the VW Newsletter

How much is it to rent a space inside your warehouse?

Vintage Warehouse is not set-up like a typical antique mall with designated spaces and therefore rent can vary significantly between vendors depending upon the space needed. We encourage anyone interested in joining our team to submit their information through the submission for on our Vendor Page. We can see what you have to offer and determine how it might fit into our store. Someone will be in touch to schedule a meeting  and we will also go over all of the contract details at that time.

Do you negotiate prices?

No. All of our prices are firm. With nearly 60 individual vendors it would be impossible for us to serve as a third party negotiator. We encourage our vendors to price their items fairly.

Do you rent out your space for photo shoots?

We strive to create an inspiring atmosphere and we get this question all the time. Unfortunately due to the retail nature of our business we do not allow photo shoots inside the warehouse. The Union Street Coffee Bar space may suit your needs for photography and you can speak directly with the proprietor about availability and pricing.

Can I rent your space for a private party?

I'm so glad you asked. We currently have a Classroom space available for rent that is ideal for meetings, DIY classes and workshops. Again, Union Street Coffee Bar also hosts private gatherings. We are currently working on an additional space to be used for private parties and as soon as that space is complete you will find more information on our website. If you have questions about a specific date please e-mail us at

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